Now Serving

Photography by Dylan Eddinger

Gravy Studio & Gallery is proud to present Now Serving ; a series of photographic works by Dylan Eddinger. This is the artists first solo show both at the gallery and in Philadelphia. In this series, titled Ocean Plastics, Eddinger chose to creatively raise awareness to the stifling growing number of plastic and trash in our oceans. If ocean pollution continues to worsen, there will be more pieces of trash than fish by 2050. Currently, there are approximately 5.25 trillion tons of plastic debris in the ocean; plastic bags, straws, cigarette butts, food wrappers, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans. By using the visual aesthetic of commercial food photography and replacing the seafood with ocean trash, there is a deliberate aesthetic choice of using commercial product photography to bring attention to how this issue not only affects those who eat seafood, but also the world as a whole. In Eddinger’s own words, “I love working with photography as a medium because everything in front of the lens physically exists,” he says. “The subjects or landscapes I work with are very real, much like the issues plaguing our lives, which many people tend to ignore or neglect. I think when you display to any issue in a visual format, suddenly it appears more apparent and can hopefully inspire others to think differently.”