Synesthesia, by Cana Sarnes and nervousRobot

August 7th - August 31st / First Friday Opening Reception: August 7th, 6-10pm

Gravy Studio & Gallery presents "Synesthesia," a vibrant audio/visual collaboration by New York photographer Cana Sarnes and Philadelphia musician and composer, nervousRobot. With “Synesthesia,”Sarnes’ vivid landscape and travel photography is paired with original scores composed for each image.

Each artist’s contribution to the project serves to enrich the work of the other— adding an additional level of sensory-depth and complexity. Sarnes says of her photography, “I am drawn to capturing images that utilize negative space. nervousRobot’s music fills that negative space and brings my photography to life.”

We encourage you to bring your own headphones and smartphoneo get the full experience of the show. This evening will also feature a special musical performance by New Jersey synthpop/darkwave band, TEEEL! Get here early; we’re expecting a packed house.

Cana Sarnes, Artist Statement: My work projects on the plane that exists parallel to the viewer. Clusters of inanimate objects find life and interact with one another in groups imperceptible on their own. As someone who is visually stimulated by music, working with Eric was a natural fit.

Eric Zrinsky (nervousRobot), Artist Statement: I make music for haunted houses, films, and other oddities.

TEEEL, Artist Statement: TEEEL is a electronic music producer/songwriter from New Jersey. Inspired by the 80s new wave movement, TEEEL produces music that ranges from hypnotic vocal synthpop to dreamy newwave and dark electronic rock. TEEEL has performed across the United States and continues to push their sound.