July Gallery Show

Opening Reception 

Second Friday // July 10, 6-10pm

Featuring work by Billy Cress and Search & Rescue

Gravy Studio & Gallery presents “Brick + Mortar,” a vibrant examination of homes and abandoned spaces, by Philadelphia photographer and explorer, Billy Cress.

Brick + Mortar” features home portraits from an ongoing, collaborative project Cress and fellow Philly photographer Austin Hodges began in 2013. Cress says of these images, “Philadelphia has an abundance of interesting homes illustrative of the spectrum of life here. In the end, home portraits are about people: how they choose to live and how they're forced to live.” By documenting residential homes and abandoned spaces, Cress gives the viewer both sides of Philly’s long lost industrial neighborhoods.

Coach Gaines and Alicia DeLarge from Search & Rescue add their flare to this show with custom frames and curated installations inspired by Cress’ work. S&R bring their distinct style to furniture, clothing, art, and a brand new line of custom frames. By blending antique and industrial elements with a modern sense of design, S&R has created a brand that is distinctly Philly.

Special Thanks to Indie Photo for supplying all the prints for the show. Gravy will also be raffling off a gift certificate from Indie Photo to raise money for future shows!