Exciting July Events at Gravy!

A call to the public, the community and lovers of the wild,


A gallery exhibit, a midsummer's night out in the Pine Barrens, and a twilight backyard film screening and concert...

For the month of July, Gravy Studio & Gallery will show vignettes from David S. Kessler's film "Pines" which is currently in production, along with the photography of Kaitlin Mosley and Sarah Puleo.

In collaboration with the Solitaire Collective, Gravy Studio & Gallery will host a Pine Barrens Retreat at the Ashleigh homestead in Browns Mills, New Jersey. Guests are invited to experience the Pine Barrens first-hand as we screen selections from Kessler's film and listen to the live score by The Ruins of Friendship Orchestra.

The exhibit will come to a close at the end of the month with a reception in the gallery followed by a live screening in Gravy’s backyard, and scored again by The Ruins of Friendship Orchestra.

We are calling on all supporters of the Pine Barrens to take part in an opportunity to push for permanent change and building a community for the betterment of nature.

Event Dates: Opening Reception: Thursday July 10th, 6­10pm; Pine Barrens Retreat: Saturday July 19th, 1pm-12am; Closing Reception: Saturday July 26th, 5­7pm followed by a backyard film screening scored by The Ruins of Friendship Orchestra at 8pm

Artist websites: David S. Kessler (facebook.com/pinebarrensfilm; www.pinebarrensfilm.com) Kaitlin Mosley (http://www.kaitlinmosley.com/) Sarah Puleo (http://web.stagram.com/n/sarahpuleo/) and Ruins of Friendship Orchestra (https://www.facebook.com/RuinsOfFriendship). 


David S. Kessler

Pines In Progress:  portraits of the Pine Barrens

by David Scott Kessler HD video 2012-2014 score by the Ruins of Friendship Orchestra

The Pine Barrens of New Jersey, once seen as uninhabitable, has been home to many. 

Believed to be unprofitable, it gave birth to industries.  

Perceived inhospitable, it became refuge.  

Faced with eradication, it flourished.  

The Pines are a living contradiction, acres of remote forest within the nations most populated state.  Rare plants and animals are often found just feet from busy roadways.

As production continues on a feature length Pines film, Pines In Progress aims to reveal and immerse it’s viewers in the exploration and documentation of the Pine Barrens; a place best presented through a veil of mystery and illusion.  

These vignettes are meant not only to document and inform on the nature of the Pine Barrens, but to question how landscape and preconceived ideas inform our experiences of them.



Kaitlin Mosley



Sarah Puleo

"I’ve always been an explorer.  Photography has given me an outlet to share my experiences.

For the past five years I have lived on the edge of the Pine Barrens. I grew up on an old dairy farm that is preserved by the Pinelands Commission. Revisiting the place where I had grown up after living in cities for 6 years opened my eyes to what I hadn’t paid attention to when I was younger. I was excited by this vast wonder that existed in the middle of the most densely populated state in the country. As a result, I began trying to absorb the natural world.

This is a collection of photos from my experience."