of the

Common Tool

Roxana Azar

Jen Blazina

Will Douglas (featuring collaborations with Matthew Wicks)

Maria Möller

Cecilia Paredes

Makeba Rainey

Exhibition Dates: June 7 - 29th, 2019

First Friday Opening Reception:  June 7th // 6-10pm

Sponsored by Powers Whiskey and Music by Mother MaryRose

Nolibs Second Saturday, June 8th // 1-5pm

Artist Brunch and Open Hours- Saturday June 22nd // 1-5pm

Saturday Open Hours - 1-5pm in June and by appointment

Documenting objects with photography slowly transformed into its own artform with artists like Man Ray, Duchamp, Hans Bellmer, creating pieces which intertwined the two mediums.  This exhibition at Gravy is titled; Beauties of the Common Tool, references Walker Evans’ famous portfolio of photographs of ordinary tools in the 1950’s.  Today everyone used a new “common tool”; the photographic camera to document their lives and manipulate their world into art.  While digital technology has created imagery only used on a screen; this exhibition hopes to explore ways photographers are using materiality, the body, textures, objects, and installation to create multi dimensional pieces which expand our definition of photography.