2016 Exhibitions

Parade of Spirits: Portraits

Photographs by Neil Kohl

December 2, 2016 - January 7, 2017

Anywhere But Here

Photographs by
Laura Kicey

November 4-26, 2016

Of Ghosts And Memories

Works by Jason Blake

October 7-31, 2016


Work by Brae Howard, Shira Walinsky, Colette Fu, along with Southeast by Southeast Community Members

September 8-24, 2016


No Life Like This Life

Photographs by randall Fransen, Jake Szymanski, RJ Agcamaran, Christopher San Agustin, John Braynard, Jacob Warner, Scott Piersafeld, Justin Weeks, Leave It On The Road, Little Wheels, Megan Healy/George Eklund and many More… 

August 7-27, 2016

Living Image

The Halide Project

June 3-26, 2016

Ani-Gram: Gravy's 5th Anniversary Show

Work by Eric Ashleigh, Sarah Puleo, Harvey Stern, Katie Tackman, and Albert Yee

May 7-28, 2016


Photographs by Joe Lingeman

April 7-30, 2016

Instant Classic Volume One

A Polaroid Group Show

March 4-27, 2016


A Million Stories

Photography by Amurri Lauren

February 5-27, 2016