June First Friday!

Discover the Railyard

Photography by Karl Shouler & winning entries from of our Instagram contest!

First Friday // June 5 // 6-10pm

Photo by Karl Shouler

Photo by Karl Shouler

Gravy Studio & Gallery presents "Discover the Railyard," a collection of urban landscapes that capture the delicate ephemerality of the Reading Viaduct, by Philadelphia photographer and musician, Karl Shouler. 

Shouler’s images create a striking balance of manmade and natural—of progress and decay. Sprawling skyscrapers are framed by green leaves and yellow grasses. Graffitied and rusting structures are made gentle and pastoral by plantlife reclaiming a once vibrant and bustling, but now forgotten space. Shouler says of his work, “I think some of my most successful photographs are a result of always having a camera on me. In an environment like the city where there are interesting moments entering and departing your field of vision literally every second, planning for the unplanned is important.” With "Discover the Railyard," Shouler accomplishes exactly that and provides an honest glimpse into a place that will soon be forever changed. 

Also during the opening, Gravy will reveal the winners of our May photo contest. Fifteen winners, selected by the Gravy curators, will have their images printed to hang alongside Shouler’s work for the month of June.

Source: http://karlshouler.com/