Gravy in City Paper

First Friday Focus: Camden up close, prejudice in photography and "skate of the art" installation

By Holly Otterbein 


Vice named Gabriel Angemi, a city firefighter, its favorite street photographer, but he’s no sensationalist in his work. Angemi’s images of burning buildings, vacant lots and overworked public servants in the exhibit “A Backward Glance Over Traveled Roads” provide an insider’s honest look at the city.

He’s joined by two other local photographers, Keith Yahrling and Jordan Baumgarten. Yahrling’s gritty shots explore Revolutionary War sites, American masculinity and our national values.

“I’m interested in historic places as the origins of our ideals of freedom and liberty,” says Yahrling. 

Baumgarten’s photos are as unrelenting as those by his fellow artists. One image shows a man’s sore hands, but not his face; another captures a gun on a bed, but not its owner. They leave you wanting more — in the best of ways.

Through March 31, opening Fri., March 7, 6 p.m., 155 Cecil B. Moore Ave., second floor,

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